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How to block someone on Facebook?

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Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms which is mostly used by both adults and young people. This social media application is used for posting pictures and chatting with friends and family. You can also be friends with strangers by sending them a follow request or you can accept the friend request sent by the others. But sometimes some unknown weird people need to be blocked to protect our privacy. 

Blocking someone over an application is pretty easy and with a few steps, you can block and report the spam or unwanted people in a minute. 

What do you mean by blocking someone on Facebook?

Well, you might be thinking of blocking someone from your Facebook which is a very good idea for getting rid of such fraud and strange people over the internet. So, to block someone on Facebook means that you can get rid of them easily and safeguard your privacy and account. They will never be able to send your friend request or text you and won’t be able to see anything on your timelines. Not only these but they will also be not able to tag you in any kind of Facebook post, photo, or video. Moreover, they won’t be able to send you any group invites or anything. 

That means they will get lost from your account. And the best part is that the people who got blocked won’t be able to find out when you will block them. Blocking someone will automatically nutrient the person from your friend taglines. 

How to block someone on Facebook?

So now here are the steps which will show you how you can block someone on Facebook on both desktop as well as iOS and Android applications.

On desktop

Blocking someone through the desktop is simple. You just need to use Facebook windows or a Linux desktop.

  • So first of all simply visit the web browser of Facebook that is
  • Then over there you will see the account icon so just select that icon that appears on the screen
  • After that select the option settings and privacy
  • After clicking this another option frame will appear on the screen, there you go and select settings
  • Then on the left menu pane, there will appear general settings menu and there you will find the option blocking so just click on that
  • Then on the screen ‘the block users box’ will appear. There you have to write the name of the person ( their Facebook name) or the page which you want to block.
  • After writing the name click on the block
  • There the list of people or page’s with the same name will appear, so you need to choose the specific person or page you want to block in the block people list
  • And then select block
  • After selecting this, you will get the confirmation message in the firm of the box, with an explanation of the ramifications of blocking someone. Select block (with the name) to proceed further

Now you have blocked that user or page on Facebook so their name will appear in your block users list.

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Over App

Now if you want to block the person on the Facebook app then this is very easy to do because blocking someone on iOS or Android is simple with the features already updated.

  • So first go to the profile page of the person you want to block
  • There you will find three straight dots over the profile page, right to the person’s name,  so tap more (three dots)
  • Then from the options frame tap block
  • Then a confirmation box will appear with block and clear options so click on the block again

Great, you have successfully blocked that person or page that you wanted to block.

How to see those blocked profiles on your Facebook account?

So now you want to make sure of the page you blocked or whatever the case, it’s very simple to see a list of profiles that you have blocked.

To review the profile that you’ve blocked:

  • So click on the downward sign in the top right of the Facebook account 
  • Then there you will see the setting and privacy option so select that and click settings from the option menu
  • Then click on the privacy option which you will see on the left-hand side of the screen, after that click blocking
  • After that click on edit in the Block users section. After selecting this click on see your blocked list to see a list of persons you have blocked on Facebook.


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