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How to create an NFT?

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NFT also known as the non-fungible token is becoming a popular topic nowadays where the people are creating and selling NFT and earning a lot more money. NFT is one of the famous categories in blockchain technology. Most NFTs are sold on the Ethereum blockchain and the transaction which takes place is the cost of the Ethereum blockchain needs a little bit of fee which needs to be paid.

So you now know how much this NFT thing is hype in 2022, you might be thinking of creating one and selling it. If you are thinking of such a thing, it’s a very outstanding idea and you could earn lakhs too. 

How to create an NFT?

When you come to the NFT marketplace you will see that a lot of makers of NFT have created an amazing display and sell it at a very high cost. This marketplace allows the greater to convert their digitally made art into NFTs within a minute. So follow some of the easiest steps to create an NFT.

  • Pick your item

So first you need to determine the digital art or asset which you want to turn into NFT. Choose something unique. Because the more unique the asset, the more chances of getting sold and generating more money from your art. The art can be anything from custom paintings, music, pictures, videos, gifs, memes, video games, tweets, or anything. Yes you read it right that’s the uniqueness of NFT it can be anything and if sold, you earned a lot of money just by doing nothing. But remember that it should be original and yours because taking someone else’s assets might cause you a problem with legal matters.

  • Set up a crypto wallet

This one is very important as the NFT process takes place with a crypto wallet and not on any other platforms. For setting up a crypto wallet you can use Metamask which is currently one of the popular crypto walkers and it is compatible with the Ethereum blockchain. Not only this you have multiple options to choose from for crypto-wallets. There are some more wallets that work best with other blockchains like polygon and Solana.

  • Select the NFT marketplace

Now you have to do the process of mining and for that, you need to select the NFT marketplace so that you can mine your NFT. There are many marketplaces like NFTically, Makersplace, foundation, and Mineable. All of these will allow the creators to create their own NFT marketplace. Currently, wazir NFT has introduced nano NFT and this allows users to create NFTs at lower rates.

  • Upload your files

Now if your NFT is ready and you have chosen the best marketplace so you’re finally ready to mint your art. You need to upload your file which is not a big issue. The NFT marketplace which you have chosen will have a step-by-step guide that will show you how to upload your NFT files. That is the process that will help you to turn your digital art in the form of a file (gif, png, or other forms) into a marketplace NFT.

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  • Mining an NFT

So now all NFT markets have a specific guide that you need to follow to mine your NFT. You need to click on the create button on the NFT marketplace. Here in this place, they will provide you with the option of creating a single NFT or collection of NFT. So after selecting the file you need to pay the specific cost for mining your NFT in crypto and you can do that from your crypto wallet.

For the process of mining an NFT, you have to pay a certain amount which is generally done for all crypto transactions. You may have to pay some amount to the marketplace too.

Is making an NFT a profitable investment?

So yes, it is an outstanding idea to generate money. You are getting money for the art which you have created digitally and it is not just the paintings or sketching but in the form of memes, gifs or videos. The sale price of NFTs is increasing and the popularity it is gaining is insane. Creates are making a lot of money by selling their NFT. Even if it costs you some money in the mining process, it is worth what the result is. 

What kind of NFTs sells the best?

NFT which are unique and have some utility functions are going to sell the best in the marketplace. Below are some of the famous NFTs you can consider:

  • Cool cats
  • Crypto punks
  • Bored Ape yacht club
  • The sandbox
  • Doodles
  • World of women
  • Decentraland
  • Art blocks


 NFT is taking the world by storm and these are something that is not so complicated to create and sell. Even college students can invest in NFTs. NFT is a certified valuable token on a blockchain which enables it to be easily traceable and available to the owner.

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