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How to Remove Mendeley on the Word?

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Mendeley is a free web and desktop management application. It is used to share and manage web research and also helps to create bibliographies for articles. This web research application makes your work management easy and effective.

Why do people want to remove Mendeley?

Many issues occurred with Mendeley, especially working it on the word. 

  • The software might crash regularly and frequently while using
  • The application doesn’t work well and is less with the user’s expectation
  • The software program might not work with any other installed application 
  • The software does not appear in the settings
  • The software might be harmful to the users 

How to remove Mendeley from Word?

  • So quit the Microsoft word
  • Then click on the Mendeley Desktop application
  • Now go to the tool and you will see many options in a menu
  • After that tap on ‘Uninstall MS word plugin
  • Then come back and open MS word again and here there will be no Mendeley plugin that will show

How to Remove Mendeley desktop?

If you want to delete the Mendeley desktop then there are four simple methods to do that. It depends on you which method you want to choose for removing Mendeley.

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  1. Removing Mendeley through Applications and features in Windows

For this start with the start menu in windows

  • Type “Apps and Features”
  • Now all the available applications will appear in a drop-down menu on the screen
  • In the menu choose the option Mendeley desktop
  • Then select the option to uninstall and after clicking on that the uninstalling process will start 
  1. Uninstalling Mendeley with uninstaller.exe

  • Here first go to the Mendeley desktop installation folder

you will mainly found in c: program files or c: program files (×86)

  • You have to just double click on the file’s icon and the process of uninstalling will begin
  1. Uninstalling procedure of Mendeley with Run

  • Hers first the press the windows key and the R key together and the Run command will open
  • Now you have to copy the sting

(C:\Program Files (x86)\Mendeley Desktop\Uninstaller.exe) and then paste the same into the Run command box which appears on the screen

  • After completing this process, press the OK button to proceed further
  • Then the instructions will be given and you need to follow them finally, the uninstallation process will be done.
  1. How to remove Mendeley from Word mac?

While removing Mendeley from the word, make sure to shut down the application before deleting it, otherwise, you will face the issue of leftover files in the system of software. So follow these quick and easy steps to remove Mendeley from words:

  • Quit Mendeley

Always check for the application whether it is currently running or not before the installation process. If it is running then deactivate the software application and to that right click on the application in the doc then press the options to quit. This will shut down the application. And if the application is not responding well then press on the option-Esx. This will activate the Quit application window.

  • Uninstalling Mendeley from Mac OS

So first open up Finder and go to the application folder from the go menu or sidebar 

Then navigate the menu and click on the option Mendeley, then drag the icon to the trash in doc and then drop that there only. Right-click on Mendeley and choose the move to trash option. Then select finder and then empty trash from the menu option and then select the empty trash button.

After clicking empty the trash, the items inside it will permanently get deleted. Make sure that all the files are in the trash bar and those are not again required. Delete the application alone on the trash bar to decrease the risk factor. So open the trash by clicking on the icon and then right-click Mendeley, then select the delete option to delete them permanently. After that click the delete option on the pop-up up message.

  • Delete application leftovers

You can delete the program permanently from the computer so just follow these simple steps:

  • Open the finder and from the go option in the menu, choose to go to the folder
  • Then type ‘/Library and press enter. It will provide access to the folder in the box display
  • Then look for this location in the folder with the word Mendeley

~/Library/Caches/, ~/Library/PreferencePanes/, ~/Library/LaunchAgents/, ~/Library/Preferences/, ~/Library/application support/, ~/Library/StartupItems/.

  • After that select the matching items in the search result.

What problems can happen while deleting Mendeley?

The user might face problems in completing the task. After removing the application the data will remain and its plugin can be seen in a word. 

  •  The file that is needed to complete the process of uninstallation might not be executed.
  • Because of the error, all files might bit be possibly removed
  • The program built uninstaller or the software might not work properly
  • Or the other function or system process might intuit the uninstallation of a program..


So now if you or anyone is facing an issue in removing Mendeley from the word, you have all the things mentioned above for you to fix it. Moreover, you can remove the application permanently from the desktop. 

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