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How to unlock iphone?

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Iphones are a range of phones designed and launched by Apple inc. After its launch, the Apple iPhone became one of the most selling phones of this time. From their first launch to date, they have not failed to launch a series of phones with different price ranges and usage according to the customers. They are available with different storage capacities and different working processors. Apple inc uses ios processors as their lead processors as their operating system. The CEO of Apple Enterprises is Steve Jobs and the very first Apple phone was launched in the year 2007. Every year a model of the phone is released with an upgraded processing system.

It is a touchscreen phone with an easy and efficient user interface. The iPhone processor iOS is one of the largest selling phone establishments alongside the selling of android based processors. The iPhone has features like cellular data, wifi connection, Bluetooth, calls, and messages. iPhones are also known for their quality of pictures. Offers motion pictures and cinematic videography with regular videography that allows shooting and is waterproof. The first generation of the Apple iPhone is said to be a revolutionary stage for all the other software and phone-making companies. There are plenty of models available for the Apple iPhone. Since its launch in the year 2007, it has launched plenty of upgraded versions. With every passing year, the Apple enterprises are working hard enough to bring out their best. They are prioritizing more on customer satisfaction more. The good thing about them is that they work for customers and also intake their needs and requirements as a suggestion to do more. 

Why does iPhone get locked?

If you are reading this article, you most probably have an iPhone and are facing some kind of issue with them regarding the phone being locked. Situations like this are really disheartening and cause problems. Your iPhone must have been locked due to two most specific reasons:

  1. You must have forgotten your passcode which opens your phone or may have entered a wrong password and forgotten later.
  2. If not, for this reason, it must be that your iPhone is locked to a specified carrier or mobile operator. 

In case your iPhone is locked with a wrong passcode

 This could have happened if you have forgotten the passcode that you have entered or by mistake you have set a password that you didn’t intend to. This will disable your iPhone completely. This happens because you have pressed the wrong passcode way too many times and for the phone’s security purposes, the system gets locked up for the data safety and security of the owner.

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The only way to open or unlock your iPhone is to reset your phone to factory settings. This will make your iPhone brand new.  It is very important to have a backup of each and everything so that you don’t lose all your content at once. Apple iPhone offers iCloud backup for you to save all your images, contacts, files, and all other important things. Once you press the factory setup Option you are going to lose all your phone storage and you’ll again have a brand new phone. 

  • To unlock the disabled iPhone you have to opt for factory settings.
  • First and foremost, you have to shut off your phone
  • Now connect the iPhone to your desktop by firmly holding down the side button.
  • For some models of iPhone, you can also hold on to the volume down button while it is connected to a desktop. You can also hold the home button for some of the models. It has to be kept in mind that the phone is connected to a desktop the entire time. 
  • You should hold on to the button for as long as the recovery screen appears. 
  • Once you are done with this, you can press recover on your screen 
  • All your data or content will be erased and your phone will now to the factory settings with no passcode option.

The process to unlock your iPhone if it is locked with a different carrier 

If your phone is locked with another mobile operator or carrier, this can only be unlocked by the operator themselves. Once they have completed the process of unlocking from the carrier, it will surely take a few days for your iPhone to get completely unlocked and ready to be used again. Once your iPhone is unlocked by the operator, you have two options from which you can decide what to do depending upon the circumstances. If you have a sim card you can simply add up the new sim card and this will then automatically unlock your iPhone and you can easily use it.

In the case where you do not have a sim card, the job can be tricker for this situation:

  • You have the option to backup your phone and then reset it to the factory settings system as mentioned above.
  • You can start by backing up all the data and content of your phone.
  • Once all the backing up of the phone is done, you can then go and tap on the option of ” Reset your iPhone” 
  • For doing this whole resetting of the phone, you’ll have to go to the phones setting
  • Click on the option “general”
  • Tap on “Reset”
  • Then go and click on the option of “Erase all content and settings
  • Once the entire iPhone is reset. You can again click on the power button and wake up your iPhone
  • Once again restore your backup as mentioned in the above processes
  • Now once you’re done with all this, insert a new sim card
  • You are now all set up and good to go.

So above mentioned are a few processes by which you can easily unlock your iPhone when it is locked under a situation like a different carrier or when it is locked due to the entry of the wrong passcode multiple times. You can also go through some of the models that are released by the Apple enterprises over the years for better knowledge.

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