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How to unpair an Apple watch?

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Apple Watch is an amazing tech that is great for using in a higher range of work. But if you are planning to upgrade to the best apple watch or thinking of selling or pairing your apple watch with a new phone, whatever be the reason, you need to unpair your Apple watch. So you might be thinking about how to do that. Well, there are some easy steps you can follow to unpair the Apple watch.

The Apple watch has got so many amazing features that have made our day-to-day activities easier than before. Whether it’s for working out, doing exercise, doing shopping, calling, or answering chat text, everything has become pretty simple with these unique smartwatches with new modifications and updates. 

How to unpair an Apple watch with the help of the watch App?

  • Firstly go to the Apple Watch app which is there on your iPhone
  • Then click All watches which will be shown at the top of the My Watch screen
  • Then the info button will appear on the screen, tap that button to the right of your current watch
  • Then you will see an unpaid Apple watch over there so just select that
  • Press the unpair( your watch name will be there ), by doing so you will confirm the process
  • Then if you have cellular service, you need to choose to keep or remove the plan
  • At the final process disable the activation look by entering your spoke ID password and pressing Unpair.

Now your watch will start the process of backing up the latest data to your iPhone. Once this is done, it will automatically unpair itself from your iPhone. It will also delete all active Bluetooth pairings. It will remove any Apple pay cards which you have used on the Apple watch and also disappear the passcode. In the end, your watch will renew itself to the settings of Apple’s factory. Here you have seen the process of pairing via the Apple Watch app. Now here are the steps given below for repairing the Apple watch directly on the smartwatch.

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How to unpair an Apple watch directly on the smartwatch?

So for these follow the below easy steps:

  • First, launch the setting app on your Apple watch
  • Then go to the general setting and tap on it
  • You will have the option of reset so just select that
  • ‘Erase all content and settings’ – this will be shown on the screen so you need to tap on it
  • After that, your passcode will be asked to type your passcode
  • After this, you will see the option of erasing all so just tap on it
  • After the process of restoring the Apple Watch, navigate to from the web browser of your computer or laptop. This is done for disabling the activation lock.
  • Then it will ask to sign in so do that with your apple id and password
  • Then tap on the settings
  • From there select the apple watch under my devices
  • Next to your Apple watch click on X to remove it
  • Then click the option remove to confirm the process 

How to unpair the Apple watch: Erase all data

  • First, you have to unlock your Apple Watch and then launch the main menu through the Digital Crown.
  • After that  locate the Settings icon and tap on it to indicate a new menu
  • Next, you will see the options general tap the “General” option as shown below.
  • Then Scroll down and find the reset option. Click on the “Reset” option to proceed with the further process.
  • After this, you have to go to the option “Erase All Content and Settings.” At this point, your apple watch will ask for a password.

If you own a GPS + Cellular model, you can choose whether to keep or remove your current plan.

  • Finally, confirm the process by tapping “Erase All.”

How to erase your Apple Watch without your iPhone?

  1. So on your apple watch go to the setting and tap on it then follow the below step:

General>reset> erase all content and settings

  1. If it demands a password then type your password which you have kept for your apple watch
  2. For GPS+cellular models, it depends on whether you either keep your cellular plan or you can remove it too.
  • If you don’t want to unplug your iPhone and Apple Watch and want to keep them paired then it’s best to keep your cellular plan.
  • If you want to unpair your Apple Watch and iPhone again then remove your plan.
  • Then on the settings Tab Erase all to confirm. This will reset your apple watch to the settings.

Some FAQs about the Apple watch

How to reset the Apple watch if you forgot your password?

so before starting the steps of resetting your apple watch put your watch on charging

  • Then press and hold for a sec on the side button till you see the power off option
  • Then press and hold the digital crown till you see erase all content and settings
  • Then tap Reset and then confirmation will pop up so tap on reset again to confirm
  • Now the process will take time to finish so wait until it completed the steps 
  • After that, set up your Apple Watch again. When needed, restore for the backup process.

How to reset your Apple watch’s passcode?

So now you have two methods to reset your apple watch passcode. Follow the steps to make it easier for you:

Using your iPhone

  • Start the apple watch on your iPhone by keeping your apple watch nearby it
  • Then tap on the option ‘ General’ and then click on ‘Reset’.
  • Then tap on erase apple watch content and settings and then confirm the process you are doing.
  • After it’s done, set up your Apple watch as if it were new.


Now, you have got the idea about how to unpair your apple watch by using different ways. So, you can  unpaid, reset, or update your smartwatch and use it like they were new.

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